Transform Your Life at our San Diego Marina District Luxury Wellness Retreat Location

Awaken a New Sense of Spirit

Imagine stepping into a world where luxury cradles your wellness journey, right in the vibrant heart of San Diego’s Marina, Gaslamp, Little Italy District and Coronado Island. Think of this not just as a retreat, but as your personal sanctuary. A place where the hustle of life melts away, leaving room for rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. Our program produces sustainable lifestyle changes that help you look and feel your best!

Our Lifestyle Wellness Retreat

Step into a 3-5-day transformation journey with us at the Wellness Academy’s Luxury Lifestyle Wellness Retreat, uniquely designed for long-term metabolic weight loss, blood sugar, blood pressure, and lipid stabilization. Our holistic approach encompasses a tailored diet, dynamic physical activities, quality restorative sleep, and positive mindset strategies.

3-5 Day Luxury Retreats

This powerful combination doesn’t end with your stay with us here in sunny San Diego.  Following the 3-5-day retreat, receive 4-weeks of complimentary remote board-certified health & wellness coaching services with your own personal coach to ensure your transition to daily self-care wellness is seamless. Join us for a luxury retreat that sets the foundation for a healthier, happier you.

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches

Work with our board-certified health & wellness coaches, yoga, TRX and strength training masters to help you get amazing results. Our coaches have over 30 years of experience in sustainable weight loss & healing of lifestyle diseases, using non-medication musculoskeletal joint pain reduction strategies. Our scientifically-proven program produces results quickly, in the comfort, safety and luxury of beautiful San Diego.

Wellness Cuisines
Functional & Adaptive Exercise

Culinary Wellness

It all starts with great food which helps us to achieve a positive state of health and wellbeing. The world is facing a global epidemic of diet-related diseases.

Culinary wellness pays special attention to how food works in the body as well as to the sociocultural and pleasurable aspects of eating and cooking. The objective of culinary wellness is to empower self-care and to explore how eating high-quality tasty meals help prevent metabolic disease and restore well-being.  Wellness Academy’s Luxury Lifestyle Wellness Retreat is located just steps away from San Diego’s iconic Marina, Gaslamp, Little Italy districts and Coronado Island, which are filled with impressive culinary restaurants and energetic vibe.

Functional & Adaptive Strength Training

Wellness Academy utilizes physical activities to increase strength and improve athletic performance.  It starts with natural body movements outdoors to includes dynamic stretching, yoga, TRX, pushups, pull-ups, holding body weight, pulling, pushing, throwing balls for cross-brain exercises, climbing, swimming, and core-work to develop stronger muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.  This enables individuals to engage in sustained physical and cardiovascular activities, and as a result, increases range of motion.

San Diego

Bid adieu to unhealthy habits and experience a renewed sense of well-being through our medically supervised, evidence-based approach, while surrounded by the natural beauty of Coronado Island, Pacific and Mission Beaches, La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas, and Carlsbad and yes, The San Diego Zoo.
The Wellness Academy Lifestyle Wellness Program features a medical supervised approach to weight loss, improved metabolism, bone, heart, and brain health, increased stamina, flexibility, strength, sleep cycles, reduced stress, and renewed motivation through developing a positive mindset.
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Little Italy Farmers Market
Yoga & TRX

Farmer’s Market

The Little Italy Urban Farmer’s Market with a European flair features organic fresh produce from California farmers, selected artisans and unique gifts at each end of the market.  Farmers markets keep farmers farming!  We teach you how to shop for healthy foods that enhance your lifestyle wellness program and self-care, allowing your body to thrive and heal.

Yoga, Dynamic Stretching, Strength Training

We’re all about embracing low-intensity workouts that really amp up your flexibility, help you dodge injuries, and keep you moving smoothly. Our mix includes yoga, dynamic stretching, and functional and adaptive strength training to not only stretch those muscles out, but also beef up your joint strength. You know, humans are built to move – running, walking, sprinting, you name it. As we get older, these movements aren’t just good for us; they’re essential for a long, healthy life.

Sound Healing

Sound Therapy operates on a deep energetic level where old beliefs and unprocessed emotions are stored. The vibrations produced through gongs, crystal & brass sound bowls, drums, chimes, tuning forks, and the like, serve to break down stuck energies from unprocessed emotions and traumas, transforming them into new, lighter frequencies. When this occurs, the way you feel and think begins to change. You come alive again and your energy flows the way it was designed. You begin to experience more lightness, connection, clarity, emotional freedom, physical vitality, love, joy, ease, and peace in your body, heart, mind and life.
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Coronado Island Ferry

Coronado Island Beach Day

Coronado Island consistently takes the title for the “best beach of the United States,” so it’s a must!  This golden stretch connects with the Pacific Ocean and the public beach stretches for a good mile.  All year round you will find people enjoying the sunny, soft-sanded beach and lots of play activities.  If you’re looking for a day of fun, great sunshine, activities and amazing food, you’ll love a catered morning on Coronado Island at Hotel del Coronado- the perfect place to do so!

With a perfect beach day, we top it off with a delicious, healthy lunch to make this day one you will never forget.

Hilton Hotel Gaslamp

The Hilton Hotel Accommodations

Hilton Hotels are all about top-notch service and making sure you feel pampered in their spacious rooms.  Picture this- a perfect sunny day, clear blue skies, with all the fun of the Gaslamp Quarter’s restaurants and entertainment just a short walk away, not to mention the quaint shops of Seaport Village.  It’s the ideal backdrop to reinvigorate your body with an easy detox and losing unwanted pounds, all in the lap of luxury.

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Wellness Academy Sports Medicine Center

Wellness Academy Sports Medicine Center is the hub for our Luxury Lifestyle Wellness Retreats, metabolic screening, physiology testing, remote health & wellness coaching, and personal physical activity & athletic training services. In addition, it is a retail showroom and training center for our incredible drug-free, pain-free, non-invasive, inflammation, pain, and stress treatments for whole-body and targeted areas. This unique center is located in the heart of the San Diego’s Gaslamp, Marina, and Little Italy Districts.

Measuring Results

We utilize an App that is easy to use, connects to wearable devices and smart scale technology to track steps, weight, BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and other biometric and biomarker data, to evaluate your progress and to quantify health improvements.

It will also allow your personal board-certified health and wellness coach to securely engage and communicate with you through HIPAA Compliant text messaging and Zoom calls, to help reshape your lifestyle and maximize your quality of life and happiness once you return home from our health and wellness retreat program.

Onboarding Procedures

Starting your wellness journey is as easy as tapping a button. We’ve streamlined the onboarding with your own health & wellness coach to be straightforward and welcoming, ensuring you can quickly dive into everything we offer. Integrating with our technology is a snap with our user-friendly App that you can easily download. You’ll find it connects seamlessly to most wearable devices, smart scale, blood pressure technology, track nutrition nutrients and allows for secure communication with your personal coach. Please book a call with one of our Wellness Academy team members and get started today!