Wellness Academy Lifestyle Training Program


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Wellness Academy Lifestyle Wellness Program

Wellness Academy Lifestyle Wellness Program is run by a relationship management system designed specifically for health & wellness coaches to empower self-care, track biometric data, nutrient tracking, meal plans, direct messaging, and to quantify improved health outcomes.

Wellness Academy Lifestyle Wellness Program relationship management system improves customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability by acquiring, developing, and maintaining effective customer relationships, interactions and daily messaging with stakeholders.

Wellness Academy Lifestyle Wellness Program weaves together multiple sources of data to provide a comprehensive view of our clients/patients’ lifestyle activities. The primary goal of the Wellness Academy relationship management system is to engage, acquire, and retain clients/patients, and to track and measures improved health outcomes.

Features include, scheduling, billing, video teleconferencing, Telehealth, courses, messaging, Zoom, Google Meet, journaling, biometric data and nutrition tracking, and Apple Health integration.


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