The Strong Bones Blueprint: Maintaining Bone Health and Density

You must protect and strengthen your bones!

The Strong Bones Blueprint: Maintaining Bone Health and Density

The skeleton is remarkably dynamic during life — even in adults — even in grandparents, and it responds to metabolic needs and mechanical requirements very quickly. When muscles grow stronger, the underlying bone adapts by changing its physical shape to bear the increased stress.

Likewise, atrophied muscles lead to weakened bones. In this way, our bones tell the story of our lives long after we’re gone. The good news is you can increase bone density through diet, and functional physical activity exercises, similar to the way humankind use to move long distances to survive.

The transition to an industrial agricultural diet starting around 12,000 years ago, signaled changes in the mechanical forces that shape the human skeleton, and slowly began to weaken bone density.

Maintaining good bone health is important for people of all ages. Bones provide structure and support for the body, protect internal organs, and allow for movement. They also store minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which are important for maintaining healthy teeth and maintaining proper functioning of the muscles and nerves.

The following course will explain bone health, bone density, and help you create plans to increase strength and improve bone health and density.

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