Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor

Meet Monica Gonzalez, B.A., NCSF CPT

I am a South Florida native and have spent the last twenty years fueling my passion for wellness, human performance, and self-empowerment. What started as a passion for martial arts and strength training in my spare time became, over the years, a quest for maximizing the potential of the human body, mind, and spirit.

Wanting to deepen my understanding and share that passion with others, in 2010 I completed my yoga teacher training, and in 2012 became certified as a personal trainer. My training style emphasizes movements for everyday activities that guarantee improvements in strength, mobility, and stamina.

I am skilled in meeting clients where they are, listening to their desires and providing a great training experience that will guide them to their goals. B.A., English and Philosophy.

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A Case Study

Client Success David

“I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Monica as my trainer through the most amazing journey of my life. I started with a body that lost 300 pounds, then had to learn all the basics about exercising for the first time from Monica, and now through our training I have a new body with balance and strength and muscle and flexibility.

This is the easiest recommendation ever: you’ll never find a better fitness trainer anywhere else. You’ll learn that you have no limits, a lesson that I’m forever grateful to Monica for teaching me.”

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