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Meet Madeline Gillman, B.S., CPT

I am a spirited individual who is passionate for the well-being of others. I swam competitively growing up and at the Division 1 level for the University of Delaware where I learned firsthand what are now my core coaching values – balance, awareness, and gratitude.

My mission is to teach others how to cultivate a positive mindset through mindfulness and happiness. I specialize in health coaching and stress management techniques to help those discover and achieve their health and wellness goals.

I also hold yin yoga, prenatal yoga, and children’s specialized yoga certifications., a B.S., Exercise Science, CPT, and Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor.

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A Case Study

Many of the most common chronic diseases in the Western world are now preventable using comprehensive lifestyle changes; this has spawned a new field of supportive guides called a health & wellness coach.

A health & wellness coach is a supportive guide who helps clients set health goals, fostering a positive mind-set around health and well-being. Health & wellness coaches empower and motivate their clients to become experts on their own health.

The following is a 3-year case study of a client who made a few changes to his diet, started walking daily, which led to restorative sleep and a better positive mindset. He is an inspiration and a role model of what is possible incorporating simple lifestyle changes.

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