Health & Wellness Coach

Gerald J Joseph, B.S., M.Ed., NBC-HWC

I have spent my adult life studying the science of health & wellness, with a focus on helping people safely improve health outcomes through 4 pathways, diet, physical activity, restorative sleep, and developing a positive mindset.

My specialties include anthropological models of aging, arthritis, athletic training, auto-immune disease, diabetes, food allergies, food intolerances, heart disease, microbiome health, mental health, obesity, and spectrum disorders in children.

Along with my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science, (Public Health emphasis), I hold a Master of Education degree,  current K-12 Health Education and Athletic Coaching Teaching Certificates issued by the Florida Department of Education, National Certified Diabetes Prevention Lifesyle Coach, and Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach – NBC-HWC.

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A Case Study

Many of the most common chronic diseases in the Western world are now preventable using comprehensive lifestyle changes; this has spawned a new field of supportive guides called a health & wellness coach.

A health & wellness coach is a supportive guide who helps clients set health goals, fostering a positive mind-set around health and well-being. Health & wellness coaches empower and motivate their clients to become experts on their own health.

The following is a 5-year case study of a client who made a few changes to his diet, started walking daily, which led to restorative sleep and a better positive mindset. He is an inspiration and a role model of what is possible incorporating simple lifestyle changes and self-care.

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