Health & Wellness Coach

Brittany L. Wilson, A.S., B.S.

Inflammation, Pain & Stress Coach

I am a native Californian, who established a foundation in academics and athletics at a very early age.  As I grew up, so did my interest in science and math, and I went on to earned degrees in Biological Sciences and Cognitive Psychology at The University of California, Irvine in 2006.

My career path began in excellent customer service, chemistry research, emergency medicine, and personal training.

I am now focused on health & wellness coaching, specializing in inflammation, chronic pain, and stress reduction, using drug-free, pain-free, non-invasive modalities to empower life-long lifestyle change.

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Personal Recovery Journey

My life took a dramatic turn following two serious car accidents in 2009 and 2016, which left me grappling with physical injuries and mental health challenges.

These experiences, while daunting, catalyzed my journey towards holistic healing, inflammation pain and stress coaching, and personal transformation. Embracing both Western and Eastern medical practices, including sound and fre-quency healing, I overcame my ailments and emerged as a health and wellness coach.

My personal recovery and professional growth led me to integrate innovative medical technologies into my wellness practice and expand my expertise into life and spiritual coaching. Through these endeavors, I am committed to empowering others to transform lives, drawing from my profound personal challenges and triumphs.