What Is Disease

As we look to define “What is Disease,” evolutionary medicine most certainly cannot offer new or better cures for chronic degenerative diseases of the western world, at least in the short term, without understanding that humankind is no longer consuming foods that he/she coevolved to consume, and no longer moving with speed and distance daily stimulating humankind to thrive, free of chronic manmade disease.

By understanding the biological basis of disease, and that our species now lives and consumes foods in an environment that he did not evolve to live in, we can now begin to understand how Nature Got It Right.

By returning to a lifestyle that our spices evolved in, i.e., organic foods, daily long-distance physical activities, sustain sleep from sunrise to sunset, and a motivated, I can do positive mindset, we can use this to our advantage to prevent chronic disease from catching hold of us.

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Nature Got It Right