Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a type of Telehealth in which healthcare providers and health & wellness coaches monitor patients outside the traditional care setting using digital devices, such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and continuous blood glucose meters.

The future of chronic disease management lies within the implementation of interventions that incorporate the use of new mobile health technology including smartphones, wearable activity trackers, and wireless connected scales.

Videoconferencing is a useful tool to build rapport in Telehealth and evidence suggests that participants are successful at losing clinically significant amounts of body weight using remote technology combined with certified health & wellness coaching.

Wellness Academy uses daily motivational interactions with our clients, we track biometric and biomarker data with the use of smart devices, we use both behavioral and intervention health & wellness coaching techniques to empower lifestyle change.

The utilization of m-health devices can increase adherence to Telehealth-based weight loss programs that produces measurable health outcomes, and when combined with a little daily motivation, inspire lifestyle change.

Wellness Academy leverages human technology which is often inspired by nature. This act of copying nature is called biomimicry. The material of the swimming suits of athletes have been inspired by shark’s skin, breathable fabric has been inspired by plant’s stomata, and the design of wind turbines have been inspired by whale fins.


Nature Got It Right