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90% of our nations 4.1 trillion dollar annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions.

Gerald J Joseph, B.S., M.Ed.

Long Life

Long Life

Meet Gerald J. Joseph & Team at Miami Wellness Academy & Miami HealthCoach

Biographical background

Gerald J. Joseph was born in Texas and was raised in Northern and Southern California. Even in his early years, he understood the joy and well-being that physical movement and sports could bring. He learned discipline as a child on the Judo mats in Japan. He learned the value of teamwork and coaching in junior high and high school as he played football, basketball, baseball, and track & field.

Gerald was introduced to the traditions of different world cultures early in life. His parents had both immigrated from Central America. His father, CMSgt John A. Joseph, spent 32 years in the Army and Air Force, earning a Bronze Star as a member of the famed Merrill Marauders, which eventually became the Green Berets.
22 Nov 2022

Education and training

Gerald studied in Japan and Guatemala, and his travels gave him a unique perspective on disease and wellness, and on the importance of mental health approaches in well-being.

In university, Gerald combined his love for physical activity and his interest in public health, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with an emphasis in Public Health. Wanting to add teaching into the mix, he went on to get a Master of Education degree. He obtained K-12 teaching credentials in Health Education and Athletic Training from the Florida Department of Education. Some of Gerald’s other credentials include a certification in The Science of Well-Being from Yale University and a certification in Fundamentals of Diabetes, Prevention and Treatment from the University of Copenhagen.
Through his university training and beyond, Gerald spent time studying how the human body moves, and how to improve athletic performance. He learned how the cerebellum coordinates balance control, how to get better sleep in a high-tech world, and how to apply findings from the science of well-being and brain wellness.
In addition to this multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge, Gerald has over three decades of first-hand experience helping over a thousand clients achieve their physical and emotional health goals. These experiences taught him how to comprehensively evaluate and deconstruct health problems, and to develop practical strategies for improving health outcomes and achieving true wellness.

Gerald’s philosophy of health

Gerald spent time studying the co-evolution of humankind and our relationship to food, movement, and our environment. His approach to health can be thought of as an anthropological model of health.

Humans evolved to walk and run great distances daily and, using their upper body muscles to pull, push, grab, hold, squeeze, climb, rotate, and throw —activities that build real strength and promote cardiovascular endurance.
Today, certain populations throughout the world, called Blue-Zones, live very long, disease-free lives. Gerald translates these lifestyle traits into recommendations that markedly improve health outcomes.
Our environment is foundational to wellness, but so is how we engage with it. Gerald focuses not only on clinical intervention strategies to improve health outcomes, but also motivational interviewing techniques to complement his intervention protocols to help people address their own ambivalence through change talk.
Ambivalence is a normal and expected part of long-term change. It often shows up in the “contemplation” stage of change, where we recognize a behavior we wish to change, but are fearful to change it—or even feel “stuck.” The first step toward change is to hear ourselves say, “I want to lose weight, I can see myself walking more, getting to sleep at a consistent time, or smiling at the joy of life.”
Another central aspect of mental health and general well-being that Gerald takes into consideration in his work is the gut–brain axis. Neurotransmitters carry signals between the digestive system and the brain, forming a vast and complex communication network. Of the hundred trillion microbes that live in the gut, many of them produce neurotransmitters. An imbalance between helpful and harmful bacteria, gut dysbiosis, can cause physical and emotional distress and is associated with many diseases, including mood disorders like depression.

Personal training services

Gerald’s personal training services combine functional and adaptive physical activities that are tailormade for each individual. People of all shapes, sizes and abilities can increase physical fitness and endurance through the activities humans evolved to do best: walking, lifting running, sprinting, rotating, holding, climbing, pulling, pushing, and throwing. These lifestyle activities build strength and promote health and longevity. They also decrease risks associated with cardiovascular disease, weak bones, and autoimmune disease such as arthritis.

Gerald has an outstanding record of helping people mitigate chronic disease, rehabilitate themselves and get stronger, leaner and faster. He personally trains with clients, setting the pace and demonstrating proper techniques in a beautiful park and marina setting in Coconut Grove.

Lifestyle wellness coaching

As a lifestyle wellness coach, Gerald takes into account not only physical health and the relationship it has with the mind, but also emotional well-being. Nutrition, physical activity, sleep and happiness all play a vital role in health, and they all affect mental well-being.

Much of our modern chronic disease comes from consumption of processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle, and from pesticides and chemicals in the environment that can lead to a host of health issues, like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
Gerald recommends whole foods, plant-based organic nutraceuticals to aid the body in detoxing and uses fasting protocols to naturally increase the release of anti-aging hormones in the body.
Synthetic vitamins and minerals are not the answer to reversing the aging process. On the contrary, Gerald says life brings forth life. Eating live, organic, non-processed whole foods, in harmony with daily movement and proper hydration, are keys to mitigating the disease process, maintaining good health and in some cases reversing the disease process.
Gerald’s specialties include anthropological models of aging, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, food science, food allergies, autoimmune disease, spectrum disorders in children, and the gut microbiome–brain health axis.

What’s Gerald been up to lately?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gerald spent two years working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Public Health Advisor. He was stationed at Miami Quarantine Station, where he and a team of advisors did epidemiological casework tracking SARS-CoV-2. Throughout this challenging time, Gerald continued working with private clients, many of whom travel to Florida to train with him. Other clients of Gerald are referred by local cardiologists who do physical exams, blood work and toxicology analysis and suggest that their patients utilize Gerald’s expertise in developing a vision and strategic plan for their wellness.

Today, Gerald continues his mission to help clients attain their health goals as a lifestyle wellness coach and athletic trainer for Miami HealthCoach, located in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, Florida. He is also currently helping Anthogen, a world leader in AI telemedicine technology develop a program for users to manage arthritis. Through his course offerings at Miami Wellness Academy, he is equipping people, through education and wellness coaching, to live their healthiest lives.
22 Nov 2022

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